Izah Blue…………bio

Izah Blue was inspired in the late 70’s by Mod, Rock Steady, Ska and Reggae music and inspired by Rasta culture. In the really 80’s Izah began writing and singing original reggae tunes.
Izah, originally from San Diego., moved to Portland, Jamaica in 1987.-88, then returned to move to Hawaii in 1990. izah formed several reggae groups while living in SD.
(Third I, Vison Posse, and IyahFiyah)
!990- Izah and fellow band members move to Big Island, Hawaii. They form the group, “Roots Natty Roots”.
1992- Roots Natty Roots, self titled debut album produced by Pierre Grill at Rendezvous records, Oahu, HI.
1994- Roots Natty Roots-Living in Harmony, second album produced again at Rendezvous records.
2008- Izah Blue moves to Kyoto, Japan and forms the band HI-N-Tenzion. It was another blessing to become a part of the reggae community in Kansai, Japan.
2011- Izah Blue and DJ Lantan release a combi- single entitled, “Parental Guidance”, on Lantan’s own Hotta Fiyah label, UK.
2014- Izah Blue returns to Hawaii and starts to record the songs written while in Japan. He links with Hawaii’s heavyweight reggae producer Jah Gumby ( Father Psalms Studios, Father Psalms Records ).
2017- After time, meditation and master works of Jah Gumby, Izah Blue’s solo album was released on 4/20/17. Entitled, ”World Needs”. Thanks so much for your time and consideration reading this bio! Bless Up and One Love